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  1. Udsalg
    Weatherproof Cricket Batting Cage | Net World Sports

    Have Cricket Net

    Special Price 2.399,99 kr

    Almindelig Pris: 2.899,99 kr

  2. Udsalg
    100% Weather-Resistant Cricket Netting & Poles | Net World Sports

    FORTRESS Ultimate Cricket Net

    Special Price 2.499,99 kr

    Almindelig Pris: 3.399,99 kr

  3. Udsalg
    Completely Freestanding Cricket Batting Net | Net World Sports

    VULCAN Cricketbur

    Special Price 5.749,99 kr

    Almindelig Pris: 7.199,99 kr

  4. Udsalg
    Cricket Batting Cage

    FORTRESS Mobilt Cricket Cage

    Special Price 9.999,99 kr

    Almindelig Pris: 11.999,99 kr

  5. Udsalg
    Batting Cage Door For Cricket

    FORTRESS Batting Cage Dør

    Special Price 1.729,99 kr

    Almindelig Pris: 2.299,99 kr

  6. Udsalg
    Professional-Grade HDPP Cricket Netting | Net World Sports

    Cricket Net [Brugerdefinerede Størrelser]

    Special Price 8,99 kr

    Almindelig Pris: 29,99 kr

  7. Udsalg
    Practice Net For Cricket

    Cricket Træningsnet

    Special Price 999,99 kr

    Almindelig Pris: 1.299,99 kr

  8. Udsalg
    FORTRESS Pop-Up Cricket Batting Cage | Net World Sports

    FORTRESS Pop-Up Cricket Batting Net

    Special Price 1.999,99 kr

    Almindelig Pris: 3.319,99 kr

  9. Udsalg
    FORTRESS ProFlex Bow Backstop | Net World Sports

    FORTRESS ProFlex Cricket/Baseball Backstop Net

    Special Price 2.499,99 kr

    Almindelig Pris: 2.999,99 kr

  10. Udsalg
    Stop That Ball System | Ball Stop Netting | Net World Sports

    STOP THAT BALL™ | Boldstop Net- & Stolpesystem [Semipermanent]

    Special Price 1.399,99 kr

    Almindelig Pris: 1.799,99 kr

  11. Udsalg
    STOP THAT BALL™ Semi-Permanent Boldhegn [3m/3.7m/4.9m H]

    STOP THAT BALL™ Semi-Permanent Boldhegn [3m/3.7m/4.9m H]

    Special Price 2.499,99 kr

    Almindelig Pris: 4.899,99 kr

  12. Udsalg
    Elastic Bungee Football Goal Net Ties - 40 Pack


    Special Price 139,99 kr

    Almindelig Pris: 189,99 kr

  13. Udsalg
    Wire Tension Kits For Sports Net Hanging | Net Hanging Equipment

    Sæt Til Ophængning Af Wire & Sportsnet [med wirecutter]

    Special Price 749,99 kr

    Almindelig Pris: 999,99 kr

  14. Multibuy! Save Up To 50%
    Steel & Plastic Pegs


    Special Price 29,99 kr

    Almindelig Pris: 39,99 kr

  15. Udsalg
    10m x 1m Ball Stopping System

    Have Bold-Stop-Net

    Special Price 999,99 kr

    Almindelig Pris: 1.299,99 kr

  16. Udsalg
    Multi-Sport Ball Stop Netting System Posts | Net World Sports

    Aftagelige Alu80 Stolper Til Stopnet u/net [3 Højder]

    Special Price 2.199,99 kr

    Almindelig Pris: 2.569,99 kr

  17. Udsalg
    Wire & Rigging Assembly Components For Hanging Netting

    Wire & Tilbehør Til Ophængning Af Net

    Special Price 49,99 kr

    Almindelig Pris: 69,99 kr

  18. Udsalg
    TITAN Poly Rope [Premium Grade] | Tow Rope | Heavy Duty Rope | Net World Sports

    TITAN Poly Reb [Industriel Styrke] Alle Størrelser & Længder - Blå eller Sort

    Special Price 29,99 kr

    Almindelig Pris: 39,99 kr

The best cricket netting range around - with heavy-duty netting and ultra-fast delivery, the cricket netting range stocks replacement nets, ball stop nets and many more.

Here at Net World Sports we understand how difficult it is to get on the outfield and start practicing your batting, bowling and fielding. We have developed a phenomenal Cricket Netting range capable of supplying your every need – from backstop netting, warm-up netting or replacement cage netting we have everything you need to perfect your setup. Whether it is for the back garden or your cricket club, we guarantee you will find the best quality cricket netting at Net World Sports.

Starting with our range of drop-in cricket netting, the ideal netting solution for your cricket cages. The regular drop-in netting features pre-joined sides, roof and back pieces to make a fully enclosed net for cages in a variety of different sizes. Ranging from 8ft x 8ft x 8ft to 70ft x 14ft x 12ft, our premium quality drop-in netting can cover every cricket cage from our Net World Sports range. Meanwhile, our ultra-heavy duty drop-in cricket netting is a grade above the regular drop-in netting, as it is made to #62 specifications. The professional’s choice, the ultra-heavy duty drop-in netting is also an all-in-one net piece but has increased thickness designed for elite level use. The ultra-heavy duty netting is superb for both indoor and outdoor use, made from a 48mm mesh, the netting is UV stabilised to increase its longevity when being used outdoors. The ultra-heavy-duty netting is not capable of covering smaller nets compared to its regular drop-in netting, capable of covering cricket cages from 35ft x 10ft x 10ft to 70ft x 14ft x 12ft. Delivery on our Cricket Netting is second to none no matter where you are in the world, as we aim to get your netting to you or your club as quick as possible.

However, if our pre-cut netting does not meet your requirements, Net World Sports provides a custom size option that can be made to any specifications. The custom netting is similar to the drop-in netting, made from 2mm HDPE twine with knotted netting, the custom option is tailored to your demand. The custom netting is also UV stabilised ensuring it is long-lasting whether it is used indoors or outdoors. Whether the custom netting is being used as cricket cage netting or ball stop netting, it is designed to last through your intense batting and bowling training sessions. Getting a quote for your special custom size netting could not be easier, as the friendly expert team at Net World Sports can help you build your custom net, before sending it off to order.

One of the main collections in our cricket netting range is the variety of replacement nets we have available for all our cricket cages. If your net is tired and need of an upgrade then look no further, as we stock our Ultimate Cricket Net, Vulcan Cricket Cage Net and FORTRESS Mobile Cricket Cage Net replacements, all ready for fast delivery. The replacement net for our Ultimate Cricket Cage comes in four different size options, meaning you will easily be able to be back up and playing in the back garden within no time. The 48mm mesh netting is a one-piece drop-in net with a roof, exactly like the Ultimate Cricket Net you currently own. Meanwhile, the Vulcan Cricket Cage replacement net is available in three different sizes to ensure your Vulcan Cage looks brand new. The one-piece rot proof net is also popular for DIY setups. Finally, in our range is the FORTRESS Mobile Cricket Cage replacement net, coming in one size of 24ft x 10ft x 10ft, the replacement netting is the ideal upgrade on your old, tired netting – or can even add a reinforced layer to your FORTRESS cage. The replacement netting range has some of the best quality cricket netting available at excellent prices, meaning you will never be disappointed with the replacement netting we have in stock at Net World Sport.

A huge part of our cricket netting range comes in the form of our ball stop netting. Perfect for use around the ground, the back garden or for training, the ball stop netting is suitable for both indoors and outdoors use. Whether your need is to protect windows, the ball going out of the ground or the clubhouse, our ball stop netting is manufactured from hard-wearing 2mm HDPE twine meaning it can easily take the wear and tear of a cricket ball. The UV stabilised netting is available in a wide range of sizes to suit your requirements – capable of protecting properties, the clubhouse and your cricket ground. If the pre-cut ball stop netting does not match your requirements, our custom size ball stop netting is the answer for you. Made from the best quality cricket netting, our custom ball stop netting will take a little longer in delivery time, but is made specifically to your demand, meaning you get the exact ball stop netting you require. The expert team at Net World Sports is always willing to help with getting you a quote on your custom netting, before sending off to order. Make sure you get the right net to protect your cricket club from stray cricket balls, with our superb range of ball stop netting.

A highly popular product from our cricket netting is the extremely adjustable cricket warm-up/throw-down net, perfect for almost every occasion, the practice net is made from super strong posts with a heavy-duty netting manufactured from 2mm twisted black HDPP twine. The practice net is suitable for training sessions and match days and is seen around county and international grounds around the world prior to the start of games for batting practice and as a ball stop net behind wicket-keepers and fielding practice. The perfect addition for your cricket club, the practice net is available in three lengths of 13ft, 40ft and 65ft, meaning we always have an option for your cricket club. An absolute essential for every cricket club, the practice net quickly becomes a key part of your match day schedule, with batsmen and bowlers cherishing the opportunity to warm-up and fielding practice made easy – the cricket warm-up/throw-down net is the best piece of cricket training equipment that your club is missing.

Along with our range of the best cricket netting available, we also have a superb range of cricket netting accessories aimed at making setup easy and prolonging your nets life. With repair/fixing twine, cable ties, net clips, elastic bungee net ties, netting hooks and net pegs available, we have every possible solution for you to have your net setup as quickly as possible. Our wire tension kits have everything included to make net setup as easy as it can be, with steel wire, snap hooks, wire rope grips, steel eye plates, screw hooks and a wire cutter all coming in the wire tension kit, we have every angle covered when it comes to sorting out your cricket netting.

Here at Net World Sports we strive to offer the best cricket netting possible. With a range of pre-cut and custom size options, we believe our cricket netting can match your every requirement. With extremely fast delivery around the world, we offer the ultimate package when it comes to cricket netting. With a fantastic range of replacement netting, ball stop netting and netting accessories, you cannot go wrong with the terrific range of netting supplied by Net World Sports.

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