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    FORZA SD100 Game Basketball  [Størrelse 7]

    FORZA SD100 Game Basketball [Størrelse 7]

    Special Price 179,99 kr

    Almindelig Pris: 289,99 kr

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    FORZA SD200 Trænings Basketball [Størrelse 7]

    FORZA SD200 Trænings Basketball [Størrelse 7]

    Special Price 149,99 kr

    Almindelig Pris: 229,99 kr

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    FORZA SD300 Youth Basketball

    FORZA SD300 Youth Basketball

    Special Price 69,99 kr

    Almindelig Pris: 129,99 kr

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    FORZA Adjustable Basketball Systems | Net World Sports

    FORZA Justerbar Basketballkurv & Stander

    Special Price 799,99 kr

    Almindelig Pris: 1.699,99 kr

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    FORZA Basketball Post & Hoop [Socketed] | Net World Sports

    FORZA Basketballstander & Kurv [med jordanker]

    Special Price 2.999,99 kr

    Almindelig Pris: 3.499,99 kr

  6. Udsalg
    FORZA Wall Mounted Basketball Hoop | Net World Sports

    FORZA Basketballkurv [Vægmonteret]

    Special Price 2.499,99 kr

    Almindelig Pris: 2.999,99 kr

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    FORZA Basketball Shot Returner

    FORZA Basketball Shot Retur System

    Special Price 349,99 kr

    Almindelig Pris: 599,99 kr

  8. Udsalg
    FORZA Ball Pump and Needle

    FORZA Pump That Ball™ - Bold Pumpe og Nål

    Special Price 69,99 kr

    Almindelig Pris: 99,99 kr

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    Stirrup Ball Pump

    FORZA Fodpumpe

    Special Price 179,99 kr

    Almindelig Pris: 229,99 kr

  10. Udsalg
    USA / American Compatible Ball Pump Needles / Adapters / Valves

    Ventilnåle Til Boldpumpe [5 stk. EU eller US]

    Special Price 29,99 kr

    Almindelig Pris: 39,99 kr

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    Hand Ball Pump

    FORZA Elektrisk Bold- og Luftpumpe [230v]

    Special Price 429,99 kr

    Almindelig Pris: 699,99 kr

  12. Udsalg
    Ball Air Pressure Gauge Reader | Pressure Gauge

    Trykmåler Til Bolde

    Special Price 59,99 kr

    Almindelig Pris: 89,99 kr

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    Basketball Carry Bag | Net World Sports

    Basketball Boldpose

    Special Price 49,99 kr

    Almindelig Pris: 69,99 kr

  14. Udsalg
    Sports Ball Holder Rack

    Vægmonteret Boldstativ [6/12/18 Bolde Kapacitet]

    Special Price 1.149,99 kr

    Almindelig Pris: 1.439,99 kr

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    Basketball Nets For Sale

    Basketballnet - 5mm (Ultra Heavy Duty)

    Special Price 69,99 kr

    Almindelig Pris: 99,99 kr

  16. Udsalg
    FIBA Endorsed Basketball Hoop

    Basketballkurv (Heavy Duty)

    Special Price 329,99 kr

    Almindelig Pris: 459,99 kr

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    FORZA Basketballbane Modulgulv - Mini/Halv/Fuld Bane [FIBA/NBA Standard]

    FORZA Basketballbane Modulgulv - Mini/Halv/Fuld Bane [FIBA/NBA Standard]

    Special Price 69,99 kr

    Almindelig Pris: 99,99 kr

  18. Udsalg
    Basketball Trolley & Rack | Net World Sports

    Fritstående Basketballstativ [20/40 Bolde]

    Special Price 1.249,99 kr

    Almindelig Pris: 1.749,99 kr

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    Slalom Pole Rubber Base (2.3kg) | Net World Sports

    FORZA Gummifødder til Slalomstænger [2.3kg]

    Special Price 69,99 kr

    Almindelig Pris: 129,99 kr

  20. Udsalg
    Slalom Pole Storage Bag

    Bæretaske til Slalomstænger

    Special Price 129,99 kr

    Almindelig Pris: 199,99 kr

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    Team Drinks Bottle For Sports, Gym, Athletics

    sportsdrik Vandflasker (750 ML)

    Special Price 19,99 kr

    Almindelig Pris: 29,99 kr

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    Yellow Pack Of 10 Water Bottles And Carrier


    Special Price 189,99 kr

    Almindelig Pris: 249,99 kr

  23. Udsalg
    Sports Water Bottle Carrier

    Foldbar Drikkedunk- & Flaskeholder

    Special Price 89,99 kr

    Almindelig Pris: 129,99 kr

  24. Udsalg
    1 Litre Team Hygiene Water Bottle


    Special Price 39,99 kr

    Almindelig Pris: 49,99 kr

  25. Udsalg


    Special Price 399,99 kr

    Almindelig Pris: 439,99 kr

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    Speed Ladder for Sale

    FORZA Agility Stige

    Special Price 59,99 kr

    Almindelig Pris: 89,99 kr

  27. Udsalg
    Training Hurdle Carry Bag | One Bag Fits All Hurdle Sizes | Agility Hurdle Carry Bag | Speed Hurdle Carry Bag

    Bæretaske Til FORZA 15cm Træninghække / Bøjler

    Special Price 49,99 kr

    Almindelig Pris: 69,99 kr

  28. Udsalg
    Speed Chute - Resistance Training Speed Chute | Training Parachute

    FORZA Modstandsfaldskærm

    Special Price 89,99 kr

    Almindelig Pris: 129,99 kr

  29. Udsalg
    Fitness Training and Agility Equipment

    Evasion Agilitybælter [2 bælter + Forbindelsesstrop]

    Special Price 49,99 kr

    Almindelig Pris: 69,99 kr

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    Notebook For Basketball Coaches


    Special Price 99,99 kr

    Almindelig Pris: 169,99 kr

  31. Udsalg
    Handheld Basketball Coaching Folder

    FORZA Pro A4 Basketball Trænings Mapper

    Special Price 189,99 kr

    Almindelig Pris: 229,99 kr

  32. Udsalg
    Superdome Cone Hurdle Set | Net World Sports

    FORZA SuperCone Træningshæk med Kegler [10 stk.]

    Special Price 499,99 kr

    Almindelig Pris: 699,99 kr

  33. Udsalg
    Adjustable Training Hurdles | Net World Sports

    Justerbare Hække [120cm | 150cm]

    Special Price 549,99 kr

    Almindelig Pris: 749,99 kr

  34. Udsalg
    Coaching Board For Sports


    Special Price 239,99 kr

    Almindelig Pris: 329,99 kr

  35. Udsalg
    Large Coaching Boards

    FORZA 90CM X 60CM Dobbeltsidet Sportstrænings Whiteboard [10 Sportsgrene at vælge mellem]

    Special Price 469,99 kr

    Almindelig Pris: 699,99 kr

  36. Udsalg
    150cm x 120cm Dry Erase Basketball Tactics Board

    FORZA 150cm x 120cm Dobbeltsidet Med Hjul Basketball Trænings Whiteboards

    Special Price 3.899,99 kr

    Almindelig Pris: 5.199,99 kr

Basketball Training Equipment You Can Trust

Do you dream of one day playing for The Knicks? Maybe you plan on coaching the Celtics? What if you have a mini Lebron James running around your basketball court? Allow Net World Sports to help. We’re committed to creating a diverse and exciting range of basketball products, suitable for all ages and abilities. From basketball essentials such as hoops and nets, to basketball accessories like ball pressure gauges and post padding. At Net World Sports, you can find anything you need to create your own Madison Square Gardens and improve your basketball game to standards worthy of Michael Jordan!

We stock many different types of regulation sized basketball hoops to suit your needs. From wall-mounted hoops or a backboard mounted version, all our basketball hoops are made from the finest quality steel, to ensure that your hoop proudly stands the test of time. They are completely weather resistant so can be left outdoors come rain or shine – a little rain never stopped Kobe Bryant from training!

Team your hoop with our heavy-duty basketball net for years of fun on the court. Suitable for indoor or outdoor courts, our net can withstand all weather conditions and countless slam-dunks! Made from classic white braided twine, our nets are fully compatible with all regulation size hoops, so if your own net has taken one too many shots, our strong and long-lasting replacement basketball nets are here to help!

If you’re starting your own Rucker Park from scratch, we sell a variety of combination packages, such as our basketball backboard, hoop, net and wall bracket system. Easy to set up thanks to its simple instructions, which means less time assembling and more time playing! This system is well-suited for home courts, schools and sports halls. It has been approved by England Basketball and Basketball Scotland, so you can be assured that your court is receiving a professional addition.

Do you have a mini Wilt Chamberlain wannabe in your house? Then you might want to check out our freestanding kids’ basketball set! The height of the pole is adjustable, allowing you to increase it as your little ones grow, learn and develop their skills. This basketball hoop can be used indoors and outdoors, and is produced with robust, long lasting materials to guarantee years of fun! It’s easy to assemble thanks to it’s easy to follow instructions, so you’ll be eager to get stuck in! Your kids will be NBA ready in no time!

For courts that require a semi-permanent basketball system, our socketed basketball poles are the perfect addition to an outdoor basketball court. Combined with a heavy-duty hoop and tough net, our basketball system is a bargain! The powder-coated, steel poles are resistant to scratches and rust in all weather conditions; ideal for schools and parks! Our amazing basketball system is finished off with a top-quality backboard, built made from solid timber and able to withstand the hardest of bank shots!

Or for larger school groups or training practices, our 3-way basketball unit is a great way to cater to several basketball players at the same time. Each basketball hoop can be adjusted to different heights depending on the ages and abilities of your basketball superstars. The hoop easily adjusts to any height, you could set your hoop at 6ft for ages 5 to 7, 8ft for ages 8 to 11, or go for the NBA standard 10ft for ages 12 and above. No need to worry if someone is being a ball hog in gym class, with our 3-way basketball unit, you can take your pick of the hoop!

Our FORZA training basketball is perfect for basketball practice and shooting hoops with your friends. It’s textured to give you better grip to help with ball control, which means you’ll be firing out air passes with ease! You can choose from size 5, size 6 and size 7 basketballs, so whether you’re looking for men’s, women’s or junior basketballs, we can find your perfect match. Each ball has a traditional 8-panel design, made to make you feel like you’re playing in the NBA! All our balls are made from heavy duty rubber that is suitable for use on your outdoor or indoor basketball court. They are all weather resistant, so not to worry if it gets left outside the back door!

We stock a range of Baden basketballs too, for training purposes as well as for competitive games. These basketballs have been approved by England Basketball due to their incredible quality and official size. The tough rubber exterior ensures maximum durability, meaning a long service life for your basketball. It’s great for schools or basketball teams as our Baden Elite Match Ball has been created with fierce competition in mind. This top-quality basketball has been approved by FIBA and England Basketball, and is also used in official international tournaments.

Now let us introduce the perfect partner for our basketballs, crafted with the finest quality materials, it’s our innovative FORZA Ball Pump! Boasting a dual action hand pump which simultaneously inflates your basketball, whilst ensuring the pressure within the ball is retained. A needle adapter is included, and cleverly located within this basketball pump’s handle. It’s tough plastic exterior is lightweight and portable, meaning it’s ideal for taking with you to every game. Pump That Ball™ is a necessity for any sports club, schools or at home use. It’s suitable for a wide range of sports balls, including basketballs, footballs, rugby ball, netballs and volleyballs.

Check and control your basketballs pressure levels with our Ball Pressure Gauge Reader. Inflate your sports balls when needed, and use to check they’re not over inflated. A pressure gauge is an essential for any basketball coach or player, and no sports establishment is complete without one! Make sure your basketball is match ready and is pumped to the correct PSI – a vital element in a ferocious competition.

Combine the two with our Electric Ball Pump with a built-in pressure gauge! Simply plug your handy device into the mains, place the inflation needle into your basketball and watch your ball inflate to perfection! Save your valuable time and energy by letting our electric ball pump do the hard work for you, meaning you spend less time inflating your basketballs and more dribbling them.

Transport your basketballs with ease with our Sports Ball Carry Bag. Great for organising your sports equipment as it can hold up to 10 balls. It’s also multi-purpose as it can hold a variety of sports balls, including, footballs, netballs and rugby balls. The carry bag has a drawstring top to safely contain your basketballs, and is made from tough, knotted mesh, so it can provide you with a long service life. If you’re looking for a bigger-scale storage unit, check out our Basketball Cage. It can hold an impressive 24 basketballs, perfect for coaching large classes or training sessions. The cage is lightweight with 4 wheels for easy transport across various playing surfaces.

Protect yourself and your basketball poles with our essential basketball post padding. It wraps easily around the post and attaches with Velcro to stay securely where it’s wanted. Our post padding is available in different levels of thickness, ideal for children’s practice or competitive games. Its outer nylon shell makes this basketball essential suitable in all weather conditions. Reduce the risk of injury so all your time is spent playing!

No outdoor basketball court is complete without a sturdy ball control fence! Our Stop That Ball™ net and post system is essential for your home court or practice space. No more broken windows or angry neighbours with this professional basketball backstop net system. Keep your basketballs in their designated area to avoid flattened flowerbeds and losing stray balls! Great for all sports fans as this net is suitable for a wide range of sports balls, including; Footballs, netballs and rugby balls. Practice those assists freely without the fear of losing your ball!

With Net World Sports’ wide range of amazing basketball products, we’re confident you will find what you’re looking for. Whether you’re looking to turn your home basketball court into The Staples Centre, or kitting out your basketball team, we stock everything from sturdy basketball poles and nets, to the majestic basketball itself. Everything we stock is of the highest quality, all for affordable prices. Enjoy great basketball equipment that will provide you, your family and your team with fun for years to come!

Set For Nyligt

  • FORZA Notesbog Til Fodboldtrænere [A4/A5]
    FORZA Notesbog Til Fodboldtrænere [A4/A5]
    79,99 kr
  • FORZA 1.8m x 1.2m Fodboldmål Til Havebrug
    FORZA 1.8m x 1.2m Fodboldmål Til Havebrug
    499,99 kr
  • Vermont Venom Pickleball Paddle
    Vermont Venom Pickleball Paddle
    449,99 kr
  • Personligt Tilpassede Hjørneflag (Kun Flag)
    Personligt Tilpassede Hjørneflag (Kun Flag)
    569,99 kr
    79,99 kr