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Baseballbane Udstyr & Tilbehør

Baseball Field Equipment to Transform Your Stadium into Your Own Field of Dreams

Net World Sports supply all the essential baseball field equipment you need to evolve your little league field to an MLB standard super stadium! Boast the equipment of the big leagues and give your team the facilities they need to unleash their true potential, with sensationally stylish and long-lasting kit at unbeatably low prices.

Baseball Dugouts and Team Benches

Whether your team are novice beginners battling it out in the bush leagues or pitchers and batting powerhouses full of potential to challenge with the All-Stars, they’ll feel a million dollars waiting to step up to the home plate in a professional team shelter. Moreover, they’ll stay warm, dry and focussed when the conditions are less than favourable.

That’s why here at Net World Sports we stock an extensive selection of baseball team shelters and benches for your ballpark. For elite teams looking to revamp their stadium into a modern masterpiece, the Milan Team Shelter will be the envy of your baseball league with seating for up to 17 people – plenty for your team and coaches! If you are a competitive team with looking for a slightly more affordable option then take a look at the Aluminium Team Shelter with Bench Seating, used by thousands of professional teams around the world, for reliable shelter from the elements and seating up to 13 people. We also stock replacement Perspex panels for team shelters and dugouts if your team shelter is in need of repair.

Often you may find that other teams are yet to invest in sheltered seating. For this reason, we stock temporary seats and benches for you to take on your travels and keep your batters well-rested until it’s their time to shine. These seats are also suitable if you are looking for temporary seating for your own ballpark or are unable to invest a larger amount for permanent seating.

Baseball Field Base Covers

Every baseball team, from the little leagues to the big leagues, need base covers for their ball park. They’re an essential piece of kit to keep your surface in perfect condition ready for match days. At Net World Sports we stock the baseball field equipment and baseball field maintenance equipment to keep your diamond dry and safe from the elements, including the incredible Professional Grade Baseball Field Tarp Cover – fit for a team in the MLB.

Baseball Field Equipment – Ball-Stop Netting

Safety should always be the number one priority for you, your team, and your ballpark! Particularly in built-up areas and with a team of heroic hitters, you need to ensure that those homeruns and stray balls don’t cause any harm. With custom size ball-stop baseball netting in stock and ready to ship from Net World Sports, we can create bespoke netting perfect for your exact needs. Our premium nets are made to withstand direct sunlight of any intensity and are 100% waterproof, meaning they’re the only solution for your ball park and will last for years to come.

The Mobile Ball Stop Net is portable, allowing you to protect certain surrounding areas of your ball park during game day, spring training and practice sessions, as and when you need it. Spanning an astounding 130ft in width, with this piece of equipment you can cover huge areas of your ballpark, giving you peace of mind.

Practice makes perfect, and with our ball-stop netting and posts your young sluggers can unleash their biggest belters without needing to replace lost balls!

Baseball Ballpark Line Marking Paint

Ensure that your team know exactly where the boundaries are with our fantastic range of line marking paint, machines and equipment. The prestigious Wembley Wheel Transfer Line Marker For Sports Pitches is used by professional sports clubs across the globe, with its fantastic design and huge capacity making it the ultimate long-term solution to your pitch marking needs. Or if you want to mark out your ball park in style and ease then look no further than the Motorised Line Marking Trike! This superb piece of kit makes light work of marking out baseball fields, leaving you with time for what really matters – playing ball!

Whether you choose a manual, motorised or electric paint applicator, you’ll need the PliFix Grass Marking Carrot Tufts. These ingenious devises make marking out the perfect diamond a breeze and ensure that your bases and foul lines are connected with perfect precision. Pair with the essential Metric Measuring Wheel to ensure your ballpark meets regulation size or use the Setting Out Kitbag for Line Marking Pitches – the complete solution!

Baseball Field Maintenance Equipment

For baseball batters, pitchers, catchers and fielders alike, an uneven infield can cause endless problems when trying to clear the bases or eliminate a hitter. Net World Sports recommend the Baseball Infield Broom – Drag Brushes to ensure that this troubles your team no more. By using this high quality steel broom with stiff nylon bristle heads, you can sweep the infield between innings to avoid injuries from falls and trips caused by an uneven surface.

Baseball Field Screens and Boards

Generate some additional revenue for your baseball or softball club with advertising boards provided by Net World Sports. Heavy duty and 100% weatherproof, your sponsors names will take pride of place on your pristine ballpark, topping up your budget for investment in further ball park upgrades and baseball training equipment – why not take a look at the Paceman pitching machines to ramp up your teams batting training?

With a vast array of baseball field equipment and training gear, revamp your stadium and crank up practice as you supercharge your baseball club’s facilities and performance as you take the big leagues by storm!

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