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Match Liner® Tennis Court Line Sweeper

Maintain your clay courts pristine standards with this Match Liner® Tennis Court Line Sweeper. Robust & lightweight, it's ideal for clearing clay off your court lines

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  • Lightweight & easy to use
  • Extremely Durable
  • Brush will easily fit conventional broom/brush handles
  • Ideal for clearing all types of clay courts
Clean Clay Tennis Courts with the Match Liner® Line Sweeper

This supremely lightweight Match Liner is the perfect solution to keeping clay courts in tip top condition. If you're looking to keep your court lines as pristine and visibile as possible, then this line sweeper is the perfect choice for you. The sweeper, which consists of tough bristles contained within two wheels, can be attached easily to any standard broom handle, which enables the user to rid their court of any excess clay in considerable comfort. As well as being practical, the Match Liner is also incrediblt durable thanks to it's robust design, making it an ideal court maintenence accessory.

PLEASE NOTE: This product is for the line sweeper ONLY. Handle is NOT included. This product is NOT suitable for Har-Tru Green Clay surfaces.

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